Tesla Launches “The Most Essential Update” for Model S, X, and 3

Tesla Launches “The Most Essential Update” for Model S, X, and 3

October 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

With the new software update version 9.0, additional functions will appear, including hidden ones. In particular, the update has affected the video cameras and monitoring of blind spots.

Tesla has released a new software update for the Model S, X and 3, which, according to the company itself, is the most significant that has ever been released. Update “Version 9.0” contains a large number of new features, including hardware, a simplified menu and other additional things. At the same time, the new feature of mobile applications will allow car owners to launch a software update remotely, not being in the car itself.

Among the utilities is a new function of the DVR, which has been added to the aforementioned Tesla models, released since August 2017. When you click on a new camera icon, you can save a video up to 10 minutes long or pause the recording.

In addition, all eight external cameras of the complete Tesla self-service system were activated. Thus, the system will “better understand the situation on the road with a 360-degree visualization of the surrounding cars.”

The blind spots will now monitor the side and rear cameras along with the ultrasound sensors already in use, to detect other cars and display them on the display. If another car is in the blind zone, a red bar will appear on the monitor. In addition to passenger cars, bicycles and trucks will also be selected.

The application launch program combines all the programs in one place and makes it easier and faster to access the last used application. Owners also get access to the settings for the rear seat and steering wheel heaters. These features are also in one place for ease of use.

Along with more practical software updates, Tesla has added some new “Easter eggs” or hidden features to the large central screen of its models. The classic arcade games from Atari can now be found when the car is parked. When the car owner finds them, the controls on the steering wheel and the touchscreen of the gaming console will automatically change.

Tesla never ceases to amaze others (and especially fans of the brand) with its original services. So, when you attract a friend to buy an electric car of an American company, your photo will be immortalized in outer space.