Tesla Launches Semi Electric Truck Winter Tests

Tesla Launches Semi Electric Truck Winter Tests

February 17, 2020 1 By autotimesnews

The prototype of the Semi electric tractor – one of two built specimens – was first seen outside the United States, in Canada. Judging by the movements of the trailer, Tesla engineers drove the tractor for winter tests in Alaska.

Tesla announced Semi in 2017, and at the same time promised that the model’s carrying capacity will be about 36 tons, and the travel distance on a single charge will be at least 800 km. This is more than twice as good as competitors. For example, Daimler’s Freightliner eCascadia travels only 400 km without recharging.

In the past two years since Tesla introduced the Semi, the company has assembled just two prototypes of an electric heavy truck. In 2018 and 2019 they were repeatedly seen on the roads (perhaps, in one case, even without a driver, the truck moved itself), but recently they disappeared from the radar.

In early February, Tesla released an updated test program, modifications and production schedule for its electric truck. It says that in the near future they will undergo full-fledged winter tests Semi – in conditions of subzero temperatures overboard and on snowy roads.

“The company will conduct winter tests over several weeks to verify the truck’s performance in the cold season and in poor traction,” the program said. The company promises to publish test results after they are completed.

Now, one of the two Tesla Semi prototypes was spotted on the Canadian border as it drove into the country on a caravan.

According to Electrek, it is possible that the tests will be held not in Canada, but in Alaska.

Also in winter conditions at the beginning of last year, tested BMW. We are talking about the electric model of the iNext crossover, which was brought to the snowy tracks of Sweden. Prior to this, the car was shown only at various auto shows.