Tesla launched contactless delivery of electric cars

Tesla launched contactless delivery of electric cars

March 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

To minimize the contact between the seller and the buyer, the American brand began to practice the service of contactless purchase and delivery of cars. So far, customers of the brand in 13 US states and China can acquire Tesla in this way.

Tesla in the context of the coronavirus pandemic offered customers a contactless delivery of electric vehicles. With it, you can choose an electric car and fill out the necessary documents online. For the convenience of customers, several of its varieties are available. One of them is when the car is delivered to the buyer on a tow truck directly to the house. The new owner will be able to open the electric car through a special mobile application.

 All necessary documents to complete the transaction are already in the car. The buyer will only have to knock them out and send them by mail.

 There is another option, when the client will need to come to the delivery point of his choice and find his car using the application on the smartphone (it will pave the way for him). Inside the car, he is waiting for documents that he will give to an employee of the company when leaving the parking lot. Immediately he receives a temporary license plate. The car along with documents to the designated place can be brought by an employee of the company, who, if desired, will introduce the buyer to the functions of the car on the spot. True, such a service is not available everywhere.