Tesla is working on a commercial van

Tesla is working on a commercial van

June 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

New data suggests that Tesla is developing an electric van for 12 passengers.

Recently it became known that GM is allegedly developing a new all-electric van for commercial use in order to gain market share, which Tesla has not yet touched in some way.

According to new data, a California-based manufacturer of electric vehicles could actually work on a similar vehicle: an electric van for 12 passengers, which could just as easily become the forerunner of a spacious cargo variant. Moreover, Tesla seems to be building a tunnels van for another commercial venture of Elon Musk, The Boring Company, which was created to make travel more economical and to relieve congestion in urban traffic.

In other words, the Tesla electric passenger van may start transporting passengers through Los Angeles through the underground roads created by The Boring Company. This is evidenced by the application for a high-speed tunnel, which the company filed with the transportation agency of the district of San Bernardino. Initially, the project provided for specific options for existing designs, such as the Tesla Model S, but as the head of San Bernardino County Kurt Hagman said in an interview, The Boring Company is currently working with Tesla on a project for 12-seater electric vans with luggage space. .

According to Hagman, with the help of such a vehicle, a tunnel can reach a potential throughput of about ten million people a year. It is not yet known whether the minibus will be reserved exclusively for use by The Boring Company. This is of course possible, since the project aims to autonomously transport people at high speed using underground tunnels. But, it is possible that Tesla most likely has a commercial vehicle that will be legalized for traffic – except for Tesla Semi – and soon the company will have a base for it.