Tesla is preparing the largest expansion of the charging network in history

Tesla is preparing the largest expansion of the charging network in history

August 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The expected revenue from this expansion could be up to $ 25 billion per year. If all goes according to plan, new charging stations should open by the end of the year, but Tesla has never been famous for its punctual deadlines.

Cars like the Tesla Model 3 and Model S Plaid are popular for a reason. They look great, they are trendy, they have a lot of technology and they are (mostly) environmentally friendly. Tesla appears to have resolved its past manufacturing problems and new factories in several countries are now in various stages of construction. What’s also happening in the US and elsewhere is the major expansion of the company’s Supercharger network before it opens up to non-Tesla electric vehicles.

This expansion is expected to generate annual revenue of about $ 25 billion. Work continues at a rapid pace. According to foreign media reports, 26,900 superchargers will be added at 2,966 stations worldwide. This is an impressive increase of 49% and 46% over last year. So far, no one knows if this will be enough to support electric vehicles of other brands, but it will become clear soon enough. There is also no guarantee that owners of other electric vehicles will even want to use Tesla’s services.

There could be several reasons: they will need to download the Tesla app first in order to access the stations. Tesla could do deals with other automakers to incorporate this capability into its own electric vehicles via wireless upgrades. For some reason (or reasons) she decided not to. Secondly, there is no universal connector, these drivers will have to use a special adapter. Sounds simple enough, but it can cause delays at stations as owners struggle to cope with new equipment.

The good news, however, is that Tesla is steadily increasing the number of stations in already popular neighborhoods like Los Angeles. In addition, the company is also recruiting staff for positions such as Charging Infrastructure Design Managers in several major cities including Austin, Dallas and Phoenix. In Austin alone, Tesla is aiming to more than double its Supercharging network. The timing of Tesla’s network expansion is also perfect, as the US government recently approved a $ 7.5 billion bill to finance the expansion of the electric vehicle infrastructure.

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