Tesla is again massively recalling its electric vehicles

Tesla is again massively recalling its electric vehicles

February 19, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

This time, American Tesla electric cars are being recalled in Germany. Moreover, this time the error was detected in the flash memory of the control unit.

“Thousands” of Model S and Model X electric cars produced before March 2018 were immediately recalled. The exact number, however, was not specified in the Federal Motor Transport Department. The official statement of the company says that the reason for the recall was a defective memory module of the control unit, which eventually fails. This may turn off the central screen, which will block most of the functions of the electric vehicle.

“Tesla has notified us that it is ready to fix the problem by recalling the cars on a voluntary basis,” the German department said in a statement.

Recall that Tesla electric cars have been featured in major reviews many times. So, the company has already recalled about 15 thousand Tesla Model X models in the United States and Canada due to problems with the power steering, 9,136 Tesla Model X cars manufactured in 2016, due to the possible destruction of the adhesive bond due to the lack of a primer coating on roof sheathing.