Tesla introduced its own processor for autopilot

Tesla introduced its own processor for autopilot

April 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In addition, the company announced the launch of the unmanned taxi service.

At a private event for investors dedicated to unmanned technology, Tesla showed its own microchip for autopilot, and also told about plans to launch an unmanned taxi service. The company expects that after a year in the service park there will be more than a million robots with a fifth-level autopilot.

The main novelty of Tesla has become the Microchip Full Self Driving Chip (Autopilot Hardware 3.0), which is responsible for processing data from the sensors of the Autopilot system: radar, GPS, ultrasonic sensors, and the steering angle sensor. The microcircuit consists of six billion transistors, a two-line neural network accelerator operating at a frequency of two gigahertz and performing 72 72 trillion operations per second, a graphic chip with a productivity of 600 gigaflops and a 12-core ARM Cortex-A72 processor (2.2 gigahertz).

The overall performance of the Tesla computing platform is 144 TOPS (trillions of operations per second). The NVIDIA Drive AGX Pegasus AI platform with two Xavier processors and two tensor core graphics accelerators can perform 320 trillion operations per second.

The chip has its own cryptographic system. Its performance is 21 times higher (2300 frames per second) than the Nvidia solutions that the company used until recently, and its energy consumption is only 1.25 percent more (72 watts instead of 57). The microchip will be produced at the Samsung factory in Texas. Tesla it will cost 20 percent cheaper than the previous one. The computing platform with two new chips is already being installed on the new Tesla Model S, X and 3. At the same time, before making a decision, the autopilot system compares the results of both processors.

Starting next year, the robotaxy service will begin operating in parts of the United States. Tesla owners will be able to add their cars to the general network and earn up to 30 thousand dollars a year. Robo-mobile can be called through a special application.