Tesla introduced a high-tech electric truck Semi

Tesla introduced a high-tech electric truck Semi

November 17, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

tesla semi

California brand introduced its first commercial model – Semi electric truck. The novelty has unparalleled technical characteristics, which was talked about at the official presentation by the head of the brand Elon Musk, but about it a little lower.

Outstanding dynamic characteristics for commercial vehicles – this is far from the most important. But it is in this respect that Tesla Semi can surprise, judge for yourself: the empty truck is capable of accelerating to 96 kilometers per hour in just five, five seconds. Fully loaded Tesla Semi with a trailer weighing 80,000 feet (slightly over 36 tons) is able to gain 96 kilometers per hour in 20 seconds. “We developed the Tesla Semi to be as fast as a bullet,” Mask said during the presentation.

To achieve such an outcome has advanced aerodynamics. Tesla Semi’s frontal resistance ratio was better than the Bugatti Chiron – 0.36 Cx (Chiron 0.38 Cx).

The most important problem that stood on Tesla’s path during the creation of Semi is to make sure that their trucks are not idle near the charging stations. Rumors said that Semi had problems with this, but at the presentation, Ilon Mask said that his truck was able to overcome 500 miles (804 kilometers) highway on one charge.

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In addition to the fact that the truck proved to be fast and has a decent reserve of stroke, it also received the most advanced version of the autopilot, as well as collision avoidance systems.

Tesla also thought of another important thing: the truck is equipped with a system that will prevent the trailer from folding. The Tesla Semi windshield armor, which improves driver safety.

At the presentation, Ilon Mask said that Semi’s resource would be at least a million kilometers, and if the sensors in the truck fix a malfunction, they will alert the driver through the brand application. In fact, Semi has a full-scale telemetry.

During the official presentation, Mask also said that their truck would not only “beat” any diesel competitor by the cost of shipping a mile, but also hit rail.

The production of the Tesla electric truck will begin in 2019, orders began to be branded now.

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