Tesla increased the production of electric cars Model 3 to thousands per day

Tesla increased the production of electric cars Model 3 to thousands per day

December 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The American company Tesla has finally brought the pace of production of the compact electric Model 3 to the target of 1000 units per day. It is reported by Electrek with reference to the letter from the head of Tesla Elon Musk to their subordinates.

In the letter, Musk says that the planned production figures have been achieved, so now the company’s employees need to focus on maintaining this pace and reducing costs. The head of Tesla indicates that the production rested on the limited capacity of the body building workshop. “Please focus first on simplifying and shortening the production cycle, and then – on trouble-free operation,” Musk addresses his subordinates.

Reducing costs is necessary in order for the release of the base Model 3, sold in the US for $ 35,000, to be profitable. Musk in the letter notes that cost reduction is hidden even in such trifles as compaction of cargo transported by forklift.

Electrek notes that the production of 7000 Model 3 per week is a problem not only for Tesla, but also for component suppliers who in the past have repeatedly encountered the unstable production rate of Tesla – this hinders business planning and cost management.

Tesla’s plans are to increase the Model 3 output to 10,000 units per week, but when exactly this bar will be reached, now it’s even impossible to make plans.

Currently, Tesla electric cars are made only in one place – at a plant in Fremont (California), and batteries – in Reno (Nevada). On July 10, the company signed an agreement on the construction of an electric vehicle manufacturing plant in China, which will be located near Shanghai. According to media reports, Tesla is investing in the construction of an enterprise with an annual production of up to 500 thousand cars.