Tesla has suspended production in China

Tesla has suspended production in China

May 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Gigafactory factory stopped production until May 9.

According to Bloomberg, Tesla recently suspended production at its Gigafactory in Shanghai, China. The car manufacturer informed employees that instead of returning to work on Wednesday as planned after a five-day break in China, their vacation would be extended until at least May 9th.

This means that Tesla currently does not produce cars at all, as its assembly plant in Fremont has been suspended since March 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic.


The reason for the suspension of production in China has not been confirmed, but Chinese experts claim that this is due to a lack of components. It is said that in addition to delays in receiving parts for Model 3, the company has problems with a critical component of production equipment that needs to be repaired.

The Chinese Tesla factory in recent weeks has proved extremely important to the company when the Fremont plant did not work. Earlier this year, the Shanghai factory was forced to shut down due to an outbreak of coronavirus, but with the help of local authorities, the automaker was able to quickly resume production and begin local deliveries.

In an official statement, Tesla says it carries out routine maintenance work at the plant and used Labor Day holidays to make adjustments to the production line.