Tesla has proposed replacing conventional wipers with lasers

Tesla has proposed replacing conventional wipers with lasers

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company has patented a new technology for cleaning the windshield

Tesla has received a patent for a laser glass cleaning system that can replace conventional wipers. It can also clean solar panels on the roof and external cameras.

The technology is called “pulsed laser cleaning.” According to the manufacturer’s idea, she will be able to independently recognize contaminants and instantly eliminate them without any human involvement. The patent was filed by the brand at the beginning of this year, but only now has appeared in the public domain.

It is assumed that in conditions of good California weather, lasers may well replace ordinary wipers, cleaning surfaces without the use of chemicals. However, it is not clear how they will behave in rain or snow.

In addition, the lasers are directed towards the driver, which can also interfere with driving. Given that even ordinary wipers are a little distracting from the road, there is a high risk that bright beams of light will become an even greater obstacle.

The future of this technology is also unknown – often manufacturers receive a patent for development solely to simply obtain a patent. Many systems and functions, as a result, do not reach serial versions, and you can look at them at maximum on show cars.

This is not the first such development of Tesla – in September of this year, the brand received a patent for another unusual version of the wipers. Then the engineers developed a system that works on the principle of a magnetic cushion train. It consists of a beam with permanent magnets, an electromagnetic moving block and a guide. As planned, the neural network determines the degree of contamination and transmits a signal, after which the unit automatically starts cleaning.