Tesla has launched another update: what new features have appeared in electric vehicles

Tesla has launched another update: what new features have appeared in electric vehicles

May 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla began to release new software updates over the air using two new active security features that work on Autopilot equipment.

While Tesla sells its convenient Autopilot functions and Full Self-Driving package, the company uses the same technology that it develops for driver assistance and self-driving functions to create active safety features that it releases in all vehicles for free.

These features include such things as automatic emergency braking (AEB), preventing side collisions, or warning about leaving a lane.

Now Tesla has released new features: “Lane Departure Avoidance Retention System” and “Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance Retention System”.

Additional safety features are designed to keep the vehicle in its lane, even if the driver does not use the autopilot function.

The system works even with inactive autopilot if the electric vehicle approaches the dividing line between the lanes, and the driver does not turn on the turn signal. If the driver’s hands are not on the steering wheel, the car will signal a possible hazard. In the absence of the driver’s response and autopilot on, Tesla will reduce the speed (25 km / h below the allowed speed) and trigger alarms.

Emergency hold of the electric vehicle in the lane is an active measure to prevent accidents. If the exit from the occupied lane can lead to a collision with other cars or exit from the roadway, Tesla will return to its own lane. Characteristically, the emergency hold system in the lane is enabled by default (it can be deactivated for one particular trip), while the hold system in the lane can be disabled in the settings menu of the electric vehicle.

Tesla began to distribute new features on Model 3 electric cars and states that it “is gradually spreading to all cars that were built after October 2016,” which means all electric cars equipped with Autopilot 2.0 and higher.