Tesla has introduced an even faster charging station Supercharger V3

Tesla has introduced an even faster charging station Supercharger V3

March 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In its blog, Tesla announced the creation of a new version of the branded charging station – Supercharger V3. It will significantly accelerate the process of charging electric vehicles.

According to the company, Supercharger V3 is based on a new architecture. Peak returns are now 250 kW – about twice as much as before (the former “Superchagers” can handle a maximum of 120 kW). This will allow proportionally speed up the charge, that is, to reduce its time by about half.

When connected to the Supercharger V3, the Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle will be able to replenish the range by 120 kilometers in just five minutes.

It is equally important that now the charging power will not fall if several electric cars are connected to the same station at once. Tesla has often been criticized for this feature. As a result, now the speed will not depend on the number of connected machines. The company expects that the average charging time will be reduced to 15 minutes.

Tesla also presented an interesting On-Route Battery Warmup system. It works as follows: as soon as the Tesla electric car approaches the Supercharger station, it will automatically warm up the battery to the optimum temperature. It is claimed that this little thing will speed up charging by an average of 25%.

For now, Supercharger V3 stations are only available in Fremont, California, but Tesla will install new-generation systems in other regions. By the way, Supercharger V2 systems will also be updated: in the coming weeks, the manufacturer intends to increase their maximum power from 120 to 145 kW.