Tesla has become a leader in sales among manufacturers of electric cars

Tesla has become a leader in sales among manufacturers of electric cars

December 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla gained the status of the world’s largest manufacturer of electric cars in terms of sales. The brand managed to get ahead of BYD, even taking into account sales of its hybrid cars.

In recent years, the American automaker has managed to significantly increase its sales, thanks to the launch of three models – Model S, Model X and Model 3. There has always been an invisible rivalry between Tesla and the Chinese company BYD. After the information appeared that the American billionaire Warren Buffet decided to invest in the development of electric cars of the Chinese brand, Elon Musk decided to find out what he thinks about BYD electric cars. Tesla’s CEO only laughed in response.

 Kevin Rook, an expert on the data, presented the Tesla and BYD cumulative sales chart over the past few years. It is worth noting that the BYD company list includes both electric vehicle sales and hybrid power plant (PHEV), while Tesla produces only electric cars.

 The hand cites data that as of October 2019, Tesla sold 807 954 models on the market, while BYD produced 787 150 cars.

 The expert also noted that recently BYD has significantly reduced sales of hybrids against the backdrop of increased sales of electric vehicles. The Chinese brand also manufactures electric trucks and buses and produces the batteries that equip its cars.

At the same time, information appeared that Tesla had obtained subsidies for its electric cars from the Chinese government. They can count on Chinese buyers who purchased cars built at the new factory of the American brand in China. The maximum subsidy is 3.55 thousand dollars.