Tesla has announced new versions of the Model S and X

Tesla has announced new versions of the Model S and X

April 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Electric cars will receive an increased power reserve, which will provide the company with an even greater margin from competitors. Also, the models will receive a reconfigured suspension and a few more important updates.

Tesla electric cars today are the most advanced cars in their class, and the company is not going to give this place to other concerns. Therefore, on the eve of the new versions were announced Model S and X, which received a number of important and interesting improvements.

 The main update was the increased power reserve without increasing the volume of the battery. This was made possible through the use of the new power plant, which allows the sedan to travel up to 595 km, and the crossover to 523 km on a single charge of the EPA cycle.

Thanks to the new transmission architecture, both models will also add acceleration dynamics. While the company does not say the exact data, but acceleration of acceleration to 100 km/h is expected for a couple of fractions of a second. Another update will affect the fast charge system, which will accelerate the replenishment of energy by 50%.

 The technical part has improved air suspension Model S and X. The update has affected the software, which will get it to existing cars. This will provide better handling at speed and increased comfort under normal conditions.

Tesla also reports: “To encourage owners of the existing Model S and Model X to buy an updated version, it will offer Ludicrous Mode for $ 20,000 for free.”

In the meantime, Tesla has demonstrated the performance of a new-generation autopilot in real conditions. Now driving a car can turn into real boredom.