Tesla has a strong competitor in the industrial battery market

Tesla has a strong competitor in the industrial battery market

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Swedish startup Northvolt, recently received major investments from VW, has introduced its own stationary industrial battery that can compete with Tesla Powerpack and Megapack.

Northvolt is a battery company founded by two former Tesla directors who worked for Gigafactory in Nevada. With large funding from several investors, including VW, the company began building a large battery factory in Sweden, which should replicate Tesla Energy’s success in the production of batteries for electric vehicles.

As Electrek became aware, Northvolt plans not only to produce batteries for new vehicles, but also to manufacture industrial energy storage systems. Together with energy partner Vattenfall, Northvolt will tackle the Voltpack Mobile System, “a reliable, modular lithium-ion battery system that should be a clean alternative to diesel generators,” the company said.

Northvolt promises up to 250 kW of power with a variable capacity from 245 to 1225 kWh of available energy. Up to five Voltpacks can be connected in parallel. For comparison, the capacity of Tesla Powerpack is 232 kW * h, Megapack – up to 1 GW * h.

Voltpack is designed to power remote and support weak power grids, to charge electric vehicles and ensure energy balance.

Another former Tesla employee, Arch Rao, re-invented and launched the smart switchboard, which completely replaces the old switchboards and becomes the center of a smart home power system. With its help, you can easily control the operation of solar panels and home batteries, as well as charge electric cars.