Tesla got rid of the Model 3 mid-level

Tesla got rid of the Model 3 mid-level

March 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Literally immediately after the premiere of Tesla Model Y, the company decided to exclude from the model range of the Model 3 Mid Range. This version was estimated at $ 45,000. Its range was about 420 km. For comparison, the basic version costs from 35,000 US dollars. Its travel range is up to 354 km.

Interestingly, the new electric crossover, built on the basis of the Tesla Model 3, will also not be available in the Mid Range version.

Nevertheless, Tesla “by about 5%” increased the peak power of all Model 3 variants with the help of a wireless update, “thereby improving acceleration and performance.”


Tesla Model 3 was launched in July 2017. Currently, the company has released about 223,000 electric vehicles. 5 867 Model 3 are produced weekly.