Tesla Gigafactory 3 started to work in China

Tesla Gigafactory 3 started to work in China

November 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla Gigafactory has launched its first car in China, the largest electric car market in the world. The estimated capacity of the plant is 3,000 electric cars per week.

The web has photos of the first Tesla Model 3 assembled in China. Another Tesla Gigafactory has begun test assembly of cars. Cars are being built on the brand new Gigafactory 3 Tesla, located near Shanghai.

 Gigafactory 3 is the first fully foreign automobile factory in China, as well as the first fully functioning Tesla factory outside the United States. While he produces cars only in small quantities, but Tesla directly stated that she was going to significantly increase production in the near future.

 In the photographs, we see that the first copies are painted blue, but the inscriptions on the stern are made by Chinese characters. In addition, the Chinese version of Model 3 received two different charging ports, unlike the American and European versions. This is due to different charging standards and their number. Already, China has eight times more charging stations than in the United States.

 Despite a successful test start of production, the company is still negotiating with the local government to obtain full certification, in order to reach full capacity.

Separately, the report noted that the new plant cost the company $ 2 billion.

Meanwhile, Tesla finally released its roadster, while as a toy. The American company in 2017 introduced the new Tesla Roadster.