Tesla first showed the work of a full autopilot on video

Tesla first showed the work of a full autopilot on video

April 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American company introduced a new autopilot module Full Self-Driving (FSD), which Ilon Musk called the best computer chip in the world

Tesla Motors has published a video demonstrating the operation of a fully automatic control system. The video was shown at the event of Autonomy Day, where the premiere of the new autopilot module Full Self-Driving (FSD) took place.

According to the head of the American manufacturer of electric cars Elon Musk, the FSD module “is objectively the world’s best computer chip.” In March, Tesla has already launched mass production of Model S liftbacks and Model X crossovers, equipped with a new autonomous control system. Around mid-April, the FSD module began to complete the most affordable automaker model – Model 3.

As for the video itself, it shows how the Tesla Model 3 electric car, without the driver’s participation, stops in front of traffic lights, changes lanes, makes overtakings, drives off the motorway to a junction and comes back.

In addition, the video shows some new features of the FSD interface. For example, the display of the infotainment complex now displays a dynamic image of the intersection itself when approaching it, whereas the current Autopilot system does not have such a function.