Tesla fired the chief designer of factories. Maybe it’s the water

Tesla fired the chief designer of factories. Maybe it’s the water

October 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Evan Horecki allowed a water cut off at a factory construction site in Berlin. A few days later he lost his job

Evan Horecki, who recently served as director of design and construction for a gigafactory in Berlin, was fired from Tesla. The Canadian edition of Electrek.co writes about this with reference to a number of articles in the German press.

Horecki worked at Tesla since 2015 and was considered the chief specialist in the design of new factories. It was he who led the construction of factories in Nevada, Shanghai and more recently in Berlin, and also participated in the modernization of factories in the states of California and New York. Khorki even got the nickname Mr. Giga.

The reason for the dismissal was not officially announced, but an unpleasant incident occurred earlier this week at a construction site in Berlin. Due to unpaid bills, the local supplier cut off the water supply to the facility under construction. The bills were quickly paid and the water supply was immediately restored.

It is not known exactly how long there was no water supply at the construction site, but even a short-term outage could cause serious and long-term consequences for the construction of the enterprise. At the same time, the water supplier claimed that he had repeatedly notified Tesla about the need to pay off the debt, but before the shutdown he could not get any reaction from the company.

Judging by the published financial results, Tesla could not but have enough money to pay for water supply. So the shutdown can be considered a consequence of an error of the construction management, for which Horecki was responsible.

Interestingly, earlier the head of the company, Elon Musk, repeatedly praised his employees for the incredibly fast and high-quality construction of new plants. True, he did not publicly name anyone personally.