Tesla finds loophole in EU legislation to approve autopilot

Tesla finds loophole in EU legislation to approve autopilot

November 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An American electric vehicle manufacturer can legally use autopilot in Europe. Needless to say, regulators are unhappy.

Undoubtedly, Tesla’s autopilot system is very impressive despite the controversy. Not all owners are fully aware of the fact that the system is unable to fully control the vehicle, resulting in serious accidents. The autopilot has a level of autonomy of 2, which means that the vehicle can take over steering and acceleration / deceleration, but drivers still have to pay constant attention to the road, and be ready to grab the steering wheel at any time.

Although the autopilot is legalized in the US, it faces delays in the approval of European regulatory bodies, including Germany. A Munich court even banned Tesla from promoting autopilot in the country over fears that consumers would be misled about the technology’s capabilities.

Since Germany is a large market for an electric car manufacturer, having an autopilot and promoting it is very important. And now it looks like Tesla has come up with a “creative” way to get around this problem. Tesla is using a legal loophole in its software update approval system to get the green light for autopilot, according to the German newspaper.

Working along these lines, Tesla’s lawyers noticed that Dutch registration authority RDW is responsible for approving software updates not only for the Netherlands, but for the entire EU. Here’s a loophole: this responsibility does not include software updates and therefore the German Federal Road Administration (KBA) has no control over this matter. And Tesla’s latest software update includes improvements to the autonomous lane change system for autopilot.