Tesla finally released her roadster while as a toy

Tesla finally released her roadster while as a toy

November 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American company in 2017 introduced the new Tesla Roadster. And now the company has announced its readiness to launch production, but only in the form of a model on a scale of 1:18.

Tesla decided to start implementing its unique Tesla Roadster Roadster. The real model is still in preparation for production, but a large-scale accurate model can already be ordered. A “toy” costs $ 250, with company officials claiming that every part of the model was recreated from a real 3D model of the original. In other words, the 1:18 scale figurine completely repeats the original.

Toy Tesla Roadster is a high-quality scale model consisting of more than 180 metal and plastic parts. Among them, a removable roof, opening doors, a functional trunk lid, as well as stylish wheels with rubber tires can be noted.

 High-quality detail was recreated in the interior of the model. Roadster received a functional steering wheel, fabric control belts, as well as floor mats. The model can only be sent to customers from the USA and Canada.

Unfortunately, Tesla does not mention its sports car right now. Therefore, the release date remains unknown. The cost of the model will be from 200,000 dollars.