Tesla electric cars will protect children from reckless parents

Tesla electric cars will protect children from reckless parents

August 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Some parents leave young children in cars and go about their business. Sometimes such actions end in tragedy. Tesla found a solution to this problem by offering to equip its own-made cars with special radars.

As a rule, alarming signals about the tragic death of children come in the summer. Parents forget that little ones can overheat, get sunstroke or suffocate in a closed car. Tesla engineers came up with an interesting solution. They have already applied to the FCC with a request to allow them to install short-range radars in their own vehicles.

The company says the technology is safe for people, but has excellent penetrating properties, as it can detect objects behind walls. The radar works even more effectively with soft materials, such as blankets and pillows, in which a child may be. It is also important that the device can be used to determine the respiratory rate and heart rate, which will allow assessing the condition of the child in a closed car.

Tesla engineers report that the radar can be easily reoriented for other tasks. For example, for more optimal airbag deployment during an accident or more accurate seat belt reminders. In addition, it can help prevent theft. The timing of the appearance of such a device in Tesla electric cars is not reported.

Note that the brand’s cars also have a special Dog Mode, which allows pet owners to safely leave them alone in the cabin.