Tesla electric cars received improved drawing application

Tesla electric cars received improved drawing application

July 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla has released a new firmware update for its electric vehicles, in which it has improved the drawing application for Sketchpad. Now, when choosing a color, you can adjust the saturation, as well as undo the last action. The head of the company, Ilon Musk, promised that over time, the cars will have even more entertainment features.

Sketchpad application appeared in Tesla two years ago. It allows you to draw on the screen of the media complex in the same way as it is done on tablets. In the future, Musk said, the application will begin to support the export and import of images from a smartphone.

In addition, Tesla is already working on a new, improved program for listening to music. It is not yet known what functions it will receive, but there will definitely be karaoke.

At the end of last year, the Tesla Emission Testing Mode appeared in the Tesla electric vehicle media system. Behind him was another Easter egg with an imitation of “bunches” on request or each time the turn signal was turned on. Among them are sounds called Not a Fart (in 2018, Musk sold a batch of flamethrowers called Not a Flamethrower), Short Shorts Ripper (refers to unsecured stock traders), Falcon Heavy (large SpaceX rocket).