Tesla electric cars have learned how to self-diagnose faults

Tesla electric cars have learned how to self-diagnose faults

May 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American manufacturer of electric cars has developed a new function that automates the process of service.

Tesla Motors electric cars have learned how to self-diagnose and automatically pre-order a new part in case of a failure. It is reported by Electrek.

One of the readers of the publication found that on the display of the infotainment complex of his “Tesla” there was a message about the detection of a malfunction in the power conversion system. In addition, the computer told the owner that he had made a preliminary order of the necessary parts, which may be available at the nearest company service.

The company confirmed the appearance of such a function and noted that it can solve the problem with the availability of spare parts, which now do not have to wait long. “It’s like going straight to the pharmacy, bypassing the trip to the doctor,” – noted in Tesla. At the same time, the car owner can turn off the system on his own, however, the company insists on maximum automation of service.

Earlier it was reported that Tesla Motors began to equip its Model S and Model X electric vehicles with the special mode Sentry Mode. The new program is designed to protect cars from theft. Sentry Mode has two different stages of work.

The first, Alert, activates external cameras that start recording in case the sensors detect suspicious movement around the car. At the same time, a special message will appear on the central display in the cabin, warning that the cameras are fixing.

If the criminal tries to enter the car, for example, breaks the window, then the Alarm mode will be activated. The system will increase the brightness of the screen, and the audio system will start playing music at full volume. Earlier it was reported that Sentry Mode will reproduce the works of Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach during the attempted theft. In this case, the work will sometimes be reproduced in metal processing.