Tesla electric car hacked by a drone using Wi-Fi

Tesla electric car hacked by a drone using Wi-Fi

May 2, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The electric cars of the United States automaker are not as well burglary as they seemed.

“White hackers” were able to find a “weak point” and calmly hack into the system of an electric car, while using a conventional drone and a Wi-Fi dongle. The flaw with the vulnerability of Tesla-brand electric vehicles lies in the ConnMan component, which was created by engineers at Intel. This element is responsible for network connection and can be connected to it via Wi-Fi.

The vulnerability of models of this brand, as, indeed, of other electrical models that have the same component, became known during the CanSecWest conference, which was attended by researchers in the field of cybersecurity.

Information has been published on the Web that Intel has already fixed the problems, but it is not clear whether all manufacturers have already managed to update the software in their electric vehicles or not. With regard to this case of hacking Tesla, the “white hackers” used a drone that flew over an electric car with a Wi-Fi dongle. So, they were able to access a number of machine options.