Tesla Develops Laser Wipers

Tesla Develops Laser Wipers

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Introduced the other day, Cybertruck was not the most futuristic project of Elon Musk. The company received a patent for the technology of laser cleaning of car windows and solar panels.

Previously, Tesla filed a patent application for something called “A pulsed laser cleaner for dirt accumulating on car windows and photocells.” This week, a patent was obtained and published, according to Electrek.

The author of the invention, Firoze Dalal, describes his idea in this way: “The cleaning system includes a laser optics unit that directs a laser beam to a section of a car’s glass, pollution detection circuits and control circuits.” The control circuit adjusts the parameters of the laser radiation depending on the location and degree of contamination, controls the power, direction and other parameters of the laser.


 The same system, as stated in the application, is useful for removing plaque from the optics of cameras installed around the perimeter of the machine and ensuring the operation of the autopilot.

In addition, Tesla plans to use this system in the energy division of the company – to automatically clean the solar panels on the roofs.

Of course, Tesla, like any other company, often patents inventions that never reach the stage of mass production. Robomobiles, on the other hand, really lack laser beams – what could possibly go wrong here?

Another recent company patent is also striking, but in its own way. It is a lithium-ion battery with a single-crystal cathode and an advanced electrolyte – efficient, cheap and with a long service life.