Tesla develops “button cell” battery cells

Tesla develops “button cell” battery cells

September 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla has announced plans to develop an innovative battery pack that will allow the company to significantly reduce the costs of further manufacturing these very batteries, as well as improve the range of electric vehicles in which they will be used.

Speaking at a recent event, Elon Musk said Tesla engineers have “removed a special tab from our battery.” This part is usually used to connect between the cell and what it powers. Tesla claims that with the new tabletop cells, the batteries are five times more energy efficient, six times more powerful and result in an increase in the range of electric vehicles in which they are installed by 16 percent.

Tesla calls the cells “4680”, meaning their dimensions are 46 by 80 mm. They are larger than Tesla’s current elements and will also lead to a 14 percent reduction in the kilowatt-hour cost, Musk said.

The key to the 4680 batteries is that Tesla will manufacture them in-house. The Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles use 2,170 cells, which are now manufactured by Panasonic at the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada. Tesla also buys batteries from China’s CATL, South Korea’s LG Chem, and others.

Tesla has yet to announce when it will start producing these elements and which of its models will receive them first.

News of this new battery pack comes at the same time that Tesla lifted the curtain on the highly anticipated S Plaid with over 1,100 hp. and a range of more than 520 miles. The company also confirmed plans to produce an electric vehicle for $ 25,000 over the next three years.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote about Tesla launching a cheap self-driving car. This may happen by 2023, and the cost of such a car should not exceed $ 25,000.