Tesla develops a unique battery recycling system

Tesla develops a unique battery recycling system

April 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An American automaker uses an approach that is fundamentally different from that used by most automobile companies

 The American company Tesla said it is working on the development of a “unique battery recycling system”, which, according to the company, will lead to “significant savings” in the long run. This is reported by Electrek.

The company spoke about this initiative during a report on its own environmental advancement. In one paragraph, the company talked about the idea of ​​recycling battery packs.

“A common question we hear:” What happens to the Tesla car battery when its expiration date? ” An important difference between fossil fuels and lithium ion batteries as a source of energy is that while fossil fuels are produced and used once. The materials in the lithium-ion battery can be recycled again. When oil is pumped out of the earth, it is chemically purified and then burned, it releases harmful substances into the atmosphere, which are not regenerated for reuse. On the contrary, battery materials … can be recycled to extract valuable materials for reuse, “the brochure says.

Tesla’s approach to battery recycling is largely different from most other automakers, which still focus on the use of batteries after expiration.

“Tesla is developing a unique recycling system that will allow the recovery of materials such as lithium and cobalt, as well as copper, aluminum and steel. Later they will be used to create new batteries, “the report says.

Automakers like Hyundai, BMW and Renault announced plans to use old batteries in energy storage systems instead of disposing them to create new ones.

Tesla notes that at the moment the company does not have a large number of batteries, which have expired, but even the small part of them is in the process of processing. The company cooperates with third-party companies involved in the processing of scrap and old batteries for the recovery of valuable materials.