Tesla decided to abandon the brake test for the sake of production speed

Tesla decided to abandon the brake test for the sake of production speed

July 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The day before it became known that the company will increase the production of electric cars Tesla Model 3 due to the refusal to check the brake system. The company believes that this test is redundant, and all cars are produced with known good brakes.

At the moment, all automakers are conducting final testing of each produced vehicle. In the framework of these tests, including testing of the braking system, which provides additional safety, as well as guarantees full serviceability of the car. However, Tesla believes otherwise.

Having problems with the production speed of the model Tesla Model 3, the manufacturer decided to abandon the brake test. As Ilon Mask himself (the founder and the head of the company himself) said, the test for checking the brakes of the car was redundant. After this announcement, the value of Tesla’s shares fell by 6%, which significantly influenced the company’s capitalization.

Experts say that the process of testing brakes is considered very important in the industry, so it is not clear why the company decided to abandon it, and also because of what this decision was made right now, and not earlier.

And more recently it was reported on the achievement of the promised production figure – 5 000 Model 3 per week. This indicator was achieved with some tricks (employees from other directions and subsidiaries were involved), but it shows the plant’s capabilities to work with this volume. But already in the near future it promises to reach a stable production of 6,000 units of the most affordable model (Model 3).

At the moment, there was no response from the company’s representatives or Elon Musk himself. In all likelihood, this decision will be revised, or the brake test will be significantly modernized.

Meanwhile, Doug Field worked at Tesla for 15 years (since 2003), but now the company has lost its lead engineer and vice president of engineering. Unfortunately, the reasons are not disclosed yet