Tesla Cybertruck will be sent into space on an interplanetary ship

Tesla Cybertruck will be sent into space on an interplanetary ship

December 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Elon Musk began to be massively written about the launch of Cybertruck into space. The head of Tesla answered quite unexpectedly!

Users of the social network Twitter massively write to Ilona Mask with a request to send his recently introduced Cybertruck pickup to space, as was the case with Roadster in February 2018. And one of the entrepreneur’s subscribers even created a small animation clip showing how a pickup truck stands on top of the Falcon Heavy rocket carrier.

 Elon Musk always listens to his audience and, of course, drew attention to their requests. He replied that it would be more appropriate to place the pickup in Starship, an interplanetary travel ship developed by his SpaceX company. The first prototypes of a space rocket are almost ready, and the first full-fledged orbital flight is planned for next year.


 A little earlier it was reported that the body of the Cybertruck pickup truck was made of heavy-duty steel, which is also used to create SpaceX rockets. Experts believe that therefore the car received an external design of a wedge-shaped shape with sharp edges. Elon Musk noted that it is rather difficult to work with this material, since it is not amenable to stamping.

At the same time, information appeared that the German Tesla plant will produce up to 500 thousand electric cars per year. The first European assembly line of the company will be built near Berlin, the first to go are Model 3 and Model Y.