Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck made fantastic CyberCoupe coupe

Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck made fantastic CyberCoupe coupe

September 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Interesting renders have been leaked on the Web showing a two-door coupe inspired by the new Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup. Even their names are consonant.

The design of the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck is called controversial by many. Immediately after the loud presentation of the novelty, he became the reason for all sorts of jokes and witticisms, and also spawned hundreds of memes on social networks. However, you can’t refuse one thing – the pickup looks impressive and is remembered for a long time. Now the angular design has been tried on a new car, which in reality does not exist.

The renders, created by Matteo Gentile, show an electric sports coupe dubbed the CyberCoupe. It looks like a car from a science fiction movie. The car repeats the “proprietary” design elements of the Tesla Cybertruck with some modifications: the wheels have lost their formidable appearance and thick rubber, and the proportions that have retained their “straightness” have become more graceful.

The glazing line here has finally acquired the shape of a triangle, which creates a very unusual visual effect. Complementing the coupĂ©’s minimalist look are full-width narrow LED strips at the front and rear.

Earlier it became known that the owners of Tesla Model Y will be able to increase the dynamics of acceleration of their car. This will be done through a software update that will not be free.