Tesla Cybertruck pickup glass can break even a small steel ball

Tesla Cybertruck pickup glass can break even a small steel ball

December 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Judging by the published video, even the standard windows of the fourth-generation Volkswagen Golf German hatchback are much stronger than those of the recently introduced Tesla Cybertruck pickup.

To tell you the truth, we were very surprised by the video that we found a couple of hours ago on the Internet. One enthusiast seeks to break the glass of the fourth-generation Volkswagen Golf German hatchback with all the means at his disposal. But nevertheless, neither a steel ball nor a fairly strong hammer can harm the window – the glass “succumbed” only after hitting it with a heavy sledgehammer.

 The results presented in this video make us wonder why Tesla goes through the expensive process of developing special glass, when instead you can simply apply a protective film.

 As you will see in the video above, a large and heavy steel ball was thrown into the side window of the Golf several times. Each time, the force of the throw and, accordingly, the flight speed of the ball begin to increase markedly. Nevertheless, the glass does not break, then the guy decides to take a rather large hammer. Repeated strikes with increasing intensity still do not damage the glass, so our hero takes a large sledgehammer. This time, the “glass” no longer withstands and breaks.

 Then the creator of the video adds protective films to the glass and installs it in the Golf. At this moment, it becomes almost indestructible. He is so strong that when he was hit with a sledgehammer, the guy literally staggered back and almost fell.

 It is worth watching a video about how they try to break his glass at the presentation of the Cybertruck pickup with a throw of a small steel ball – the glass breaks even with a small throw force.

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