Tesla Cybertruck can offer a camping version with a tent and kitchen

Tesla Cybertruck can offer a camping version with a tent and kitchen

November 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Elon Musk did as he promised, and shocked the world with Tesla Cybertruck’s debut this evening. Its design is perhaps the most unusual of all that has ever existed.

As part of the presentation, the inventor told many interesting things that will now excite the minds of millions of fans of the brand for a long time. So, according to Mask, a Cybertruck pickup truck can offer the possibility of camping with a tent and an outdoor kitchen. This is evidenced by official images of an unusual version of the electric pickup, posted by the company. Maybe this image is intended only to show what is possible from the point of view of equipment Cybertruck.

What we see in the official image is Cybertruck, parked in the dense forest of Northern California. The lid of the car’s loading platform, which has an electric drive, is pushed back, and a tent is installed above the platform, which extends the line of the front pillar to the rear of the truck. The new contour creates a living space where you can sleep and sit, but that’s all.

To surpass the rival in terms of the built-in kitchen that Rivian demonstrated for its R1T truck earlier, Tesla has a fully open kitchen that emerges from under the pickup truck. There is a two-burner electric stove and enough space for preparatory work, but there is no sink or cooler.

Again, this is just one image released by the American automaker, without context and details about what this might mean.

However, there is enough time for planning, since Cybertruck will not go into production until the end of 2021, and the 700-kilometer version with a longer range until 2022.