Tesla crashed into a police car on autopilot

Tesla crashed into a police car on autopilot

December 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An accident occurred on a Connecticut highway when police officers tried to help a car stall on a highway. The Tesla driver admitted that he did not look at the road – he was distracted to check how the dog feels in the back seat. Congress calls for a law on autopilots – warnings on the Tesla website are clearly not enough.

Early Saturday morning, a Tesla Model 3 with autopilot running crashed into a police car on a Connecticut highway, where police stopped to help a stalled car and called a tow truck. Both cars were seriously damaged, but the driver was not injured. According to CNBC, a man who emerged from a car with the “MODEL3” license plate said that during an emergency he was distracted from the road and checked how the dog felt in the back seat.

Tesla crashed into a police car in the left lane from behind. The state police’s Facebook account indicated that the vehicle had a flasher running, and in addition, luminous emergency stop lights were displayed.

Now the functionality of the “autopilot” is limited: the car drives on its own lane on the highway, accelerates and slows down if necessary. At the exit from the highway, the car gives way to man. On the Tesla website, the company warns that the system needs “constant active driver supervision.” However, shooting Tesla drivers reading or sleeping while driving has already become an independent genre – for example, a selection from Business Insider.

In this case, the Tesla driver was charged with misconduct for reckless driving and creating a threat on the road.

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal commented on the incident: he considers it necessary to pass a law governing the current automatic driver assistance systems, in particular the Tesla “autopilot”.

“This accident could have been avoided. Although autonomous vehicles are an immersive technology, they are not ready for safe deployment right now. Congress must take measures to protect the population from these vehicles until their safety is ensured, ”the senator emphasizes.

Connecticut police also called on drivers to “constantly monitor what is happening on the road, regardless of the capabilities of the car.”

After the presentation of the autopilot, Tesla cars in this mode at least twice got into a car accident with a fatal outcome.