Tesla Completes Semi Truck Testing in Alaska

Tesla Completes Semi Truck Testing in Alaska

March 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Two Tesla Semi prototypes were recently spotted during transportation across the U.S. after undergoing trials in Alaska.

Both extremely dirty prototypes were discovered in Oregon, probably on the way to Tesla’s California headquarters. Allegedly, the “red Alaska records” were worn on the red instance, which meant that he was likely to be tested at the company’s winter test site. Back in January, brand management warned those who booked Semi that winter testing of the truck’s performance in cold weather and low traction would soon begin.

Tesla first introduced Semi back in 2017, promising to start production in 2019. This did not happen, and in the latest update, Tesla announced that it would launch a limited edition of Semi this year. It is still unknown whether the current coronavirus will affect these plans, but it certainly can.

Initially, Tesla promised that on a single charge Semi will be able to cover a distance of 804 km in highway conditions when towing cargo weighing 36,287 kg. However, recently Elon Musk’s plans for Semi have become more ambitious, and now he promises 965 km of electric run.