Tesla Changes Launch Mode Implementation for Model S and Model X

Tesla Changes Launch Mode Implementation for Model S and Model X

April 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

It is reported that the modernized “start mode” will allow electric vehicles to start their movement even faster, while adjusting the level of suspension damping, front height and overall power level.

Tesla is obviously about to change the “launch mode,” which will change the way electric companies equipped with air suspension (Model S and Model X sedans) make an instant jerk. According to insiders who tweeted about this on their Twitter channel, electric cars in this modernized mode will obviously lower the front suspension and adjust damping to get a better start – this is reportedly called the “cheetah position”.

 Changing the suspension in such a way as to maximize the use of existing traction is not new. A similar mode is in the Ferrari Enzo supercar, which strengthens the rear suspension a fraction of a second before its launch so that it does not destabilize the entire car.

But since Tesla models have no gears, this new launch mode will keep the front axle as set as possible.

Whenever you quickly start on any car, its center of gravity shifts backward, and the front wheels tend to rise from the ground. They actually do not take off the ground, at least in ordinary cars (not racing).

 We suspect that in addition to lowering the height of the front suspension, this revised “launch mode” will also increase the stiffness of the rear suspension in preparation for a jerk. It will also help keep the front axle as seated as possible.