Tesla cars will drive around the pits themselves

Tesla cars will drive around the pits themselves

April 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla aims to make its cars able to drive on their own roads.

Ideally, this will reduce the number of road accidents to zero, but the quality of the automatic piloting system is currently not high enough. However, developers are slowly but surely moving towards this, adding new features. Recently, Ilon Musk announced that Tesla cars will be able to drive around by potholes on their own roads – at the moment the system is not able to do this, and drivers need to take control of their hands.

The company requires that when autopilot is on, drivers are always ready to take the wheel. According to the author of the site Electrek Fred Lambert, during the last trip to a distance of about 300 kilometers, he had to take control of himself especially often. The fact is that the Tesla cameras and the autopilot system do not recognize the road pits and cannot drive around them, so it is important to be on the alert to avoid accidents.

The journalist wrote about this in his twitter, and after a while he saw a message from Ilon Mask – he assured that in the future update of the autopilot, the possibility of avoiding road pits would finally be added. The Lambert case once again reminded of the imperfection of the autopilot system and the need to improve it.

At the same time, Lambert shared that his route from Montreal to Shavinigan went quite smoothly. The car took into account the speed and distance of the nearest cars and carefully adjusted to the movement.