Tesla cars will begin to assemble in China

Tesla cars will begin to assemble in China

October 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Construction of a car assembly plant began in January. It is expected that the first cars will begin to be assembled before the end of this year.

The American company Tesla has received permission to manufacture its cars in China. A preliminary agreement was reached in advance, so the construction of the plant began in January. On the eve of information appeared that the Chinese authorities included Tesla in the list of approved manufacturers, which allows the assembly of cars in China. It is worth noting that this is the first Tesla factory, which is located outside the United States. Most likely, the first cars will have time to get off the assembly line before the end of 2019.

Due to the location of production in China, Tesla will be able to sell its cars in the Middle Kingdom without paying a tariff of 25%.

 The Tesla Model 3 sedans and the new Tesla Model Y crossovers will be the first to roll off the assembly line. Despite the fact that Tesla could become a serious competitor to local electric car manufacturers, the Chinese government took such a step. This was mainly done because of the difficult environmental situation in the country, which they seek to improve through the use of environmental cars. Tesla is steadily increasing its car production throughout the year. So, in the third quarter, 97 thousand cars were delivered, which exceeds the figures for the first and second quarters.

Recall that in November Tesla is due to present its first pickup. The car will be seriously different from other models of the brand. Its value should not exceed 50 thousand dollars