Tesla cars can sell energy, charging is two-way

Tesla cars can sell energy, charging is two-way

May 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As Electrek learned, Tesla equipped the Model 3 – and possibly Model Y – with double-sided charging technology without loud statements. This means that the car can not only consume energy, but also give it back to the network. Moreover, reverse charging at Tesla machines is three-phase, which allows its use around the world.

The emergence of the ability of cars to sell excess energy to networks during peak periods can transform energy. A number of car companies – Nissan and Honda, for example – are already studying this technology, but Tesla, as a leader among electric vehicle manufacturers, in the past did not show open interest in two-way charging, although its head, Ilon Musk, hinted that he might reconsider his decision.

Marco Gaxiola, an engineer who disassembled Model 3 for competitors, found that there was a DC-AC inverter inside the charger. This suggests that the car can direct energy to the network, according to the V2G (Vehicle to Grid) concept, Electrek said.

    “In addition, the two-sided design is repeated three times on the same Model 3 charger board. This is an example of a redundant design that ensures performance even in the event of a single circuit failure. It’s also a three-phase design, so it can be used all over the world, ”Gaxiola said.

The engineer believes that Tesla can activate the reverse charging technology at any time as a result of the next software update. While the functionality is not activated, it is impossible to use it.

In fact, this means that sooner or later Tesla electric vehicles, which have recently become more than a million, will begin to receive income from the sale of electricity. In the past, Musk has already promised that Tesla will become a profitable investment and will begin to bring profit to the owners. And recently, the company released the platform for managing virtual power plants Autobidder.