Tesla cars banned from parking in underground garage due to spontaneous combustion

Tesla cars banned from parking in underground garage due to spontaneous combustion

February 19, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Electric vehicles and hybrids pose a real danger in underground parking lots in the event of a fire.

While automakers continue to make high-profile claims about their emission-free future, the transition to electrification will not happen overnight. It will be 15 years or more before we are all driving electric vehicles, and many things must happen in the interim, such as creating and implementing procedures for extinguishing battery-related fires. The US government recently released a report on this issue, which is also vital for firefighters. But one garage is not ready to take risks.

An underground garage located in Kulmbach, Germany, has decided to completely ban parking for electric and hybrid vehicles. This decision was made after five months of repairs due to a car fire.

“In the future, electric and hybrid vehicles will no longer be able to park in underground car parks. Firefighters cannot extinguish such vehicles, they have to let them burn. The underground car park is also not high enough to lift burning vehicles with heavy equipment, ”said Michael Kuhnlein of the Civil Engineering Department.

However, in September, it was not a hybrid or an electric car that caught fire in the garage, but an old Volkswagen Golf. It was after this fire that city engineers realized a previously unknown problem: reinforced concrete cannot withstand heating for a certain period of time. If too much heat is applied, the concrete will burst and the iron structure may melt, creating the risk of total collapse. Since it is impossible to completely replace all this concrete and iron in any underground structure, it is easier as a precautionary measure to completely ban parking of electrified vehicles.

In 2019, a Tesla Model S suddenly caught fire in the underground garage of the world’s second tallest building, the Shanghai Tower. Fortunately, the building did not collapse because of this, but from this point on, this issue is certainly a concern for all above-ground and underground garages.