Tesla car sales in China set records

Tesla car sales in China set records

July 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

These statistics are due to subsidies from the Chinese government, as well as discounts on cars.

Tesla, an American electric car manufacturer, has reported sales of its cars in China for June 2020. The data was released on Saturday 18 July. Last month, 14,976 residents of China became the owners of new Tesla cars – this result is 32% higher than in May this year. Recall that in May, Tesla dealers in China were able to sell 11,364 new cars, and in April the figure was only 4,153 copies.

There are several explanations for the sharp rise in sales. First, the new car market in China is showing steady growth since the coronavirus epidemic. Secondly, due to the production of electric cars inChina, the Chinese government provides subsidies to the manufacturer. This allows the machines to be sold to the end user at a more attractive price. Finally, Tesla’s Shanghai plant is increasing capacity and dealership stocks are being replenished.

At the same time, sales of Tesla cars in the United States were not so high – in the second quarter, a total of 18,702 such cars were sold.
And at the end of the first quarter, Americans bought 36,355 Tesla cars.

Earlier it became known that Tesla has reduced the cost of its new crossover Model Y. Recall that the car is available in two different trim levels – now the cost of the most affordable option is $ 49,990.