Tesla came under suspicion of the FBI because of the new sedan

Tesla came under suspicion of the FBI because of the new sedan

October 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Wall Street Journal found out about the FBI investigation against Tesla because of the new sedan. More specifically, the company is suspected of possible deception of investors.

The FBI and the prosecutor’s office of the state of San Francisco are conducting a criminal investigation against Tesla and are checking whether the company has not misled investors by misrepresenting information on the production of Tesla Model 3 cars. This was revealed through the famous The Wall Street Journal.

According to the information received, it became known that in 2017, Tesla could deliberately provide investors with false information about the production volumes of the new Model 3. In all likelihood, the company could find a “loophole” in what could be considered as produced cars, or completely submitted false data. Recall that Elon Musk initially promised to set up production of 5,000 units of Tesla Model 3 per week, and most recently announced the possibility of increasing production volumes to 20,000 units.

Unfortunately, no details are given now, but unofficial sources report that the investigation gained momentum after a peaceful settlement of the dispute between Elon Musk and the US Securities Commission.

Meanwhile, it became known that Elon Musk approved the creation of test prototypes of the new Tesla model – this is a fully electric Model Y crossover.