Tesla buyers forced to return to the state 4000 euros in Germany

Tesla buyers forced to return to the state 4000 euros in Germany

July 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Federal Office for Economics and Export Control of Germany (BAFA) asked Tesla Model S customers to return the tax deduction in the amount of four thousand euros. The reason is called “fraudulent” actions on the part of the manufacturer and the discrepancy between the cost of an electric vehicle and the criteria for obtaining a state subsidy. Tesla, in turn, intends to appeal the decision in court, as well as compensate the costs of its customers.

The demand for return applies to grants issued before March 6 of this year. According to the agency, Tesla deliberately understated the base cost of Model S to meet the requirements of the program. Under German law, subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles rely in the event that the car costs no more than 60 thousand euros.

According to AutoBild, the American manufacturer made some of the standard functions optional, although buyers simply could not buy a car without them. Tesla in response to the allegations argues that cars at a base cost below 60,000 euros were not only offered for purchase, but also supplied to buyers. At the same time, as of March 2018, Model S again included BAFA in the list of vehicles for which the government subsidy applies.

In October last year, information appeared that the draft budget of Norway for 2018 included a tax that provides for the charging of heavy electric cars. The list of models affected by the new law included the Tesla Model S and Model X.