Tesla builds new prototypes of Semi truck at Gigafactory in Nevada

Tesla builds new prototypes of Semi truck at Gigafactory in Nevada

January 3, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The American company Tesla is testing new versions of electric tractors ahead of serial production. According to Teslarati, citing authoritative informant Carsonight, the automaker has launched four Tesla Semi models with a new type of battery – L-shaped 2170 batteries.

According to an insider, two trucks will be used for road tests, one for durability tests, and the last one will travel to Alaska – Tesla will test the battery’s energy efficiency in cold weather. Three 2170 units will be installed inside each vehicle. This approach will increase the average range and increase the likelihood of correct conclusions during testing. At the same time, notes Carsonight, Tesla is in no hurry to test the recently introduced 4680 batteries on electric trucks.

The new 4680 batteries, announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the Battery Day event, are designed to work seamlessly with the structural battery pack. Such a system, which uses a battery as a structural element, is still not ready for Class 8 electric trucks, the insider explained. Apparently, the serial production of the Tesla Semi will begin with the standard 2170, and within a few years the company will switch to the more complex 4680 design.

As for the Semi’s capabilities, the characteristics of the truck have changed every year. Initially – in 2017 – Musk promised to provide Semi buyers with a power reserve of 1000 km, although real indicators – at the time of the announcement – were limited to 480 and 800 km, depending on the configuration. However, after a few years, Tesla engineers still managed to increase the range to 970 km. Moreover, now Elon Musk speaks more freely about numbers, stating that 500 km and 800 km are easy and trivial, and 1000 km is quite real.

“Achieving a 500-kilometer range for a truck is quite simple, even trivial, to be honest, if we are talking about a truck that carries about 40 tons. If necessary, then for long-distance transportation we can easily increase the range to 800 km. We are also working on a way to achieve 1000 km for a heavy truck, ”the head of the company said in a recent interview.

Serial production of the Tesla Semi, according to Musk, will begin early next year.