Tesla broke the Porsche Taycan record at the Nurburgring. But it is not exactly

Tesla broke the Porsche Taycan record at the Nurburgring. But it is not exactly

September 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The electric car drove the track 19 seconds faster than its main competitor

The Tesla Model S prototype with a new powerplant broke the Porsche Taycan record at the Nurburgring. According to the journalist Auto Motor und Sport, who was present during the test races, he manually detected the lap time and the stopwatch showed 7 minutes 23 seconds – this is 19 seconds faster than the result of the Taycan.

However, the result announced by Auto Motor und Sport should be skeptical. Firstly, the time shown by the Tesla Model S is an unofficial result that allows a certain error, and secondly, the car is actually a prototype. It has extended wheel arches, body panels are changed, there is a spoiler and the chassis is reconfigured. The power plant is also different – a three-engine Plaid.


Test electric cars are decorated with the P100D + nameplate, but in the Tesla lineup there is no such version of Model S. According to available information, they are equipped with a power plant with three motors, which produces more than 772 horsepower and 931 Nm of torque. In addition to Model S, the Plaid powertrain will receive a Model X crossover and a Roadster targa. But it is not planned to adapt it for the younger Model 3 and Model Y. On sale electric cars with a new power plant will appear in about a year.

The result of the Porsche Taycan – 7 minutes 42 seconds – Tesla was able to improve by 19 seconds. If this is true, then the electric car was faster than the Ferrari 812 Superfast (7:27.48), Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S (7:25.41) and Nissan GT-R (7:24.22). However, it is still worth waiting for the official races, which, according to rumors, are scheduled for the end of the month.