Tesla boosts Model 3 battery capacity to 82 kWh

Tesla boosts Model 3 battery capacity to 82 kWh

November 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The increase is due to the upgrade of Panasonic batteries

According to a Tesla document published in a German forum, the Model 3 sedan’s traction battery capacity has reached 82 kilowatt-hours after its modernization. This explains the increase in range that has already been announced.

Of course, we are talking about modifications with the highest mileage on a single charge. For some time now, Tesla has officially ceased to indicate the capacity of its batteries, focusing solely on the range. However, three and a half years ago, when Treshka was launched, from the data of the American EPA agency it could be concluded that the maximum capacity of the battery pack is just 82 kilowatt-hours. To this, Elon Musk replied that the practical capacity does not exceed 75 kilowatt-hours.

Since then, Panasonic, which makes 2170-type batteries for the Model 3, has continually upgraded them. Without changing the number of batteries, the used battery capacity gradually increased, and by mid-2020 it was already 79 kilowatt-hours, after which it was possible to add another 82 kilowatt-hours to them.

The forum also claims that after the upgrade, the battery can support a more powerful charging current, as a result of which the charging time of an electric car on a supercharger should be reduced. There is no confirmation of this information yet.

While this is the Model 3 battery, the same should be true for the Model Y crossover, which uses the exact same battery pack.