Tesla begins building giant energy storage system

Tesla begins building giant energy storage system

March 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The 1,200 MWh plant will be the largest energy storage system in the world. It will be built in California, in Monterey County, and will outperform another similar Tesla project, Hornsdale in South Australia, 10 times more in capacity. The installation will be built on the site of an outdated gas power station and will allow to accumulate the energy of the sun and wind.

Tesla has received final permission for the conversion of the Moss Landing California gas power plant. According to the plan, it should turn into a huge installation for the accumulation of wind and solar energy, Clean Technica reports. The project was unanimously approved by the Monterey County Planning Commission.

Currently, the power plant, which once served a vast territory, is gradually being decommissioned and generating about 10% of its previous energy volumes. However, soon on its territory 449 Megapack batteries with a total capacity of 1200 MW * h will be housed.

Now the largest energy storage system is considered the Tesla Hornsdale project with a capacity of 129 MW * h. At the time of construction, it was three times more powerful than its closest competitors. However, the new installation will surpass it 10 times.

The main objective of the installation will be the accumulation of wind and solar energy. The system will smooth out consumption peaks and supply electricity at night and in calm weather.

The approval of the district authorities was the last one required to start work at the facility. It is planned that they will begin next month, and the system will be put into operation by the end of the year.

Tesla’s project partner is Pacific Gas and Electric. In addition to Moss Landing, they are working on the creation of three more energy storage systems that will replace several gas-fired power plants.

A few days ago, information appeared about a new Tesla project called Roadrunner. We are talking about the production of cheap batteries for electric vehicles with an increased power reserve. Perhaps one of these batteries will be shown in action in April.

Musk also improved digging tunnels – now his Boring Company will be able to build a network of underground transport communications 3 times faster.