Tesla began shipping the first Model Ys from a California plant

Tesla began shipping the first Model Ys from a California plant

March 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This became known after the publication of photos of a truck that carries electric SUVs.

Tesla, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric cars, begins shipping its long-awaited Model Y crossover. Recall that the company promised to deliver cars to its first customers to order from March 15 to 30. And apparently, orders will be able to be sent on time, as the first cars are already leaving the factory. The first reports of those standing near the Tesla Model Y plant began to appear on Friday, and on the eve of eight new cars were spotted on a car transporter in California a few miles from the Tesla plant.

The cars were painted white, black and red. It is expected that several Tesla Model Y will be in the company’s store as an exhibition model. A few days ago, official data on the power reserve of the novelty were published.

Buyers were pleasantly surprised, as the car performed by Perfomance will be able to drive up to 500 km without additional charge.

 Initially, data was given in 450 km. The Tesala Model Y Perfomance is equipped with large 21-inch wheels. It is expected that the maximum speed of the car will be 250 km / h.