Tesla began collecting pre-orders for Model 3 in Europe and China

Tesla began collecting pre-orders for Model 3 in Europe and China

January 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The first demonstration of the “accessible” version of the electric vehicle from an American company in Europe began in November 2018. Then the car was delivered to European showrooms, but it was impossible to order it.

Starting from January 1, 2019, Tesla opened access for pre-orders to all customers from Europe, but only for vehicles with left-hand drive. While RHD modifications are not available for ordering. The price tag on the new items is completely undemocratic, and in comparison with the US they look daunting. In America, the state program of support for electric cars still operates (until 2019, the discount was about $ 7,000, and now $ 3,500).

Recall that in Europe, Tesla Model 3 appeared in November 208, but only as exhibition samples at dealerships. Starting from December 2018, the company opened a configurator and a pre-order option for holders of a “queue” who had previously paid a deposit of $ 1,000. Now the configurator has opened for everyone in Europe, and according to rumors in China.

Available for order version of Long Range Battery and Performance. The price tag may vary considerably depending on the region. For example, Tesla Model 3 Long Range Battery in France costs 53,500 euros, and in Italy from 59,600 euros.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Model 3 assembly process was shown on the Web. A short video shot on camera in the cabin in 43 seconds shows almost all the steps of interior assembly at the company’s factory.